Pink Pasta

If you haven’t been able to guess by my picture and some of the fonts, I love pink. It was a struggle not to make this whole blog pink but I figured that would only appeal to, well just me. So a year ago when my friend said she was going to make pink pasta I was thrilled. I could have cared less if it was gross tasting, it was pink and I was going to eat it. Turns out besides the awesome color, this was some of my favorite pasta. The actual pasta isn’t pink, but the sauce you stir into is and to make this dish even better, it is EXTREMELY healthy sauce. When I use to count points this was only 1pt for a whole cup of sauce vs. the regular marinara which would probably be around 5 points (don’t quote me it’s been awhile since I have counted) which is a huge steal, that’s almost a serving of ice cream you can have as well. I mean look how pretty it is!

So I have been avoiding telling you what makes it pink, because I don’t want anyone to get “judgy” but it is beets. WAIT! I swear it tastes nothing like beets once it is done, even though I like beets, this sauce after adding everything else tastes nothing like the original vegetable I swear. So if you have kids, this is a great way to get them to eat their vegetables! I call this animal pasta because my amazing super-creative chef of a friend made it for me in the shape of Animal from the Muppets.  

She is so awesome, careful reading too much of her blog though, you will be starving by the end of it 🙂 All jokes aside though, she is a fantastic cook/baker and introduced me to this. It is so easy to whip up, and I’ve taken out all the oils that the original recipe calls for because I found it really didn’t need it. Pair this meal with a side salad and you are getting double the vegetables, or have some garlic bread and not feel guilty. I normally add an ounce or two of goat cheese in to make it extra creamy, but it is perfectly fine without it. Enjoy!!
Pink Pasta
·         Small yellow onion
·         2-4 cloves of garlic (I normally go five but I’m garlic crazy)
·         Large can of beets (if you don’t have or refuse to buy canned food just make sure it is at least 10oz of beets)
·         Single Serving Container of Fat Free Greek Yogurt (or one cup if you buy the large size)
·         Dash of Oregano, cayenne, salt and red pepper flakes
·         Few cranks of pepper
Chop up the onion and garlic (can be crude chops as these will go into a food processor) and put them in a pan sprayed with some Pam so they can sweat. A few minutes at most, make sure your garlic doesn’t brown and your onions don’t start to caramelize, just keep them in there long enough to start to develop some flavor. Transfer to a food processor or blender and add the remaining ingredients then blend until mixture is smooth and you cannot see any chunks of beets spinning around.
I’ve kept this in my fridge for a week and it has been fine, I’ve never frozen it but I can’t imagine it would be bad. 


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