Tequila Lime Shrimp

Like I’ve stated before I’m a volume eater most of the time. I have tried eating small portions of really great but higher caloric count foods vs. lower caloric count foods in large portions and I always go for the larger portions. In the past few years it has been this way, before when I was a tad larger than I am now I would eat high caloric large portions, which didn’t bode well for the waist line! So most of my meals always include a large side salad or some sort of steamed vegetable just to add a little bulk and satisfy my “large size” craving. The other night when thinking about dinner I knew it had to be a large one since I had just gotten done with my power hour at the gym. I had some shrimp lying around so I took those out and made a tequila lime sauce to go with it, paired it with couscous and a large side salad. Man was I full by the end of this and it was very low in calories and fat! Look how huge this plate is! Recipe below on how to make the marinade, I went a little heavy on the red pepper flakes and some bites were very spicy so next time I’ll use a softer hand.
Tequila Lime Shrimp
·         10 Shrimp
·         A whole lime
·         1/3 Cup Tequila
·         1 TB Honey
·         Cayenne Pepper
·         Red Pepper Flakes
·         Salt and Pepper
 Place shrimp in a dish and juice the lime over them taking care not to get any seeds in the dish. Pour tequila and honey over the shrimp and give a good mix. (I normally make this in tubberware and give it a good shake!) Then add a dash of cayenne pepper, a shake or two of red pepper flakes and s/p to taste. You can make this the night before and let sit or just let it sit for at least 20 minutes to marinade.
Heat a skillet on high until a drop of water bounces around and evaporates, then spray with non stick and add shrimp plus all the mixture. You are going to cook the raw shrimp while making the sauce into a crude form of a reduction. It is very important that you let the sauce cook until it is thick, you will know it is done by dipping a spoon into it and running your finger along the back of the spoon and being able to see where the finger mark is vs. where the sauce is. Think of almost maple syrup consistency. If you don’t cook this long enough though the alcohol won’t cook off and you will be having some shrimp with a shot of tequila! Once shrimp are pink and sauce has reduced remove from heat and pair with whatever sides you want or just eat plain. I might make some pasta next time and toss it in there at the end or just serve over a bed of greens. 

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