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There are few feelings that are as great as after you finish a really hard workout. The feeling like you just pushed yourself as hard as you could go and have held nothing back. I normally get these endorphin rushes when I take long runs, but until my foot is fixed (Drs. Apt next Tuesday…) I cannot run so I have been at the mercy of gym equipment to keep those same muscles in shape, so when I can run I won’t be starting back at square one. The biggest thing I am worried about is endurance, I know the muscle memory will come back but the endurance of doing something for so long isn’t memory, it is something I had to work up to. The Arch at the gym is the closest thing I have found to simulate running without actually getting on a treadmill, I tried the elliptical but I found when the incline increased I was more doing a high knee step than a run, and please don’t let me actually look like that running up hills.
The challenge I have at the gym being on a machine for an hour though is staying motivated to keep pushing myself, as the scenery isn’t changing and I can see what is coming up next on the screen. Music is the one way I blast though workouts and keep the heart rate up the whole time. I’m very eclectic to the point where I would be embarrassed to share half of my songs, but yesterdays mix wasn’t so crazy so I’ll let you have a sneak peak.
Normally there would be some country mixed in, perhaps a slower song that I just like the lyrics to or a TV theme song. I have also been watching YouTube motivational videos, the current ones are highlights from the winter Olympics in Vancouver set the old jock jams song. I also mouth the words while I’m working out, which is fine unless you are in a race and they are taking photos! I don’t think I have one race photo where my mouth isn’t wide open or my face contorted some weird way. Yet anything to make myself push a little harder is really on the table and last night it worked!
What songs or genres of music pump you up? 

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