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You’re a Veggie in Disguise

After a fantastic weekend and ski trip it is back to the grind. I am not even going to pretend that I ate healthy on the ski trip, I did maintain my no meat diet even when there was bacon so I’m pretty proud of that, but I believe the only healthy thing I put in my body was vegetables on a pizza and lettuce on a sandwich. I did grab a shot of this fantastic drink called “Strawberry Smash” at TGI Fridays. I always claim I hate mint, but this was great so I should perhaps not be so close minded to the ingredient.

One of my favorite food stores is Trader Joe’s, hopefully you live in an area where you are lucky enough to have one close to you. If not I would recommend checking one out next time you travel! They have very cheap produce as well as some fantastic frozen concoctions that make putting together an amazing dinner so simple. Unfortunately a lot of their frozen foods contain some sort of meat product, so I have been staying away but a lot of their soups do not. They have a creamy tomato soup that is in a one liter tetra pack that is far and away my favorite soup, I always mix something in it though because it needs a little texture. A small scoop of couscous is always a favorite but cooked rice, some corn, shredded cheese, or gold fish crackers have also been thrown in and delicious. If you have ever tried this soup from Pacific Natural Foods the Trader Joe’s is almost an exact duplicate, only cheaper. Unless you need to reduce sodium in your diet I wouldn’t recommend getting the reduced sodium version though, it really makes a difference.
For dinner I saw a recipe on Pintrest that was a mac and cheese only loaded with vegetables. I followed the recipe exactly except I switched macaroni noodles out for Orecchiette pasta (fancy pants!), added two more cloves of garlic, and switched in corn for the red pepper. Recipe here: Here is a shot of all the vegetables going in to be roasted. 
After I mixed the roasted vegetables in I felt like it was lacking the bulk I was expecting so I put another cup of broccoli in to roast and another whole yellow squash. I could still use more vegetables in this recipe and probably will add them next time, but it came out great and will make for some fantastic “healthy” mac and cheese for lunch this week. You can hardly taste the vegetables with all the cheese and spices being mixed in.
What are some way you throw in extra vegetables to bulk up meals but not dramatically change the comfort food taste? 

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