I have a hard time getting motivated and then an even harder time trying to keep the motivation fresh in my mind as I go through my day-to-day life. Sometimes it sparks and I set up a whole plan with goals and deadlines and ways I’m going to achieve those and then it seems like 24 hours later I’m back to where I was before. I’m surprised I have been able to be meat free for over two months now, I thought I would have had a cheat day by now, but I think the main thing that is helping me is I told everyone I was doing it. So now if I eat meat everyone will know that I failed. So I feel accountable.
Taking a step back from the motivation though, it really isn’t possible for me to be that motivated all the time without having a very intense personality to accompany it, and that just isn’t who I am. I’m the laid back girl who doesn’t get fazed by a lot. 90% of the time people would describe me as bouncy and happy, not drill sergeant crazed. Yesterday I was having one of those days, I just didn’t want to go to the gym, I wanted to eat junk food and I wanted to sleep. That isn’t what my body needed though, it was telling me that I was missing something. So I forced myself to go to the gym and ride the bike, which for some reason makes me a sweat monster. I can run 8 miles and be a tad sweaty but 20 minutes on the bike and I’m drenched. I don’t get it.
While on the bike I was thinking about what I would do for dinner, I knew though that if I didn’t think of a very simple dinner idea I wouldn’t eat healthy. So on my way home (first stopping by to check on a best friends cats…she lives on the 6th floor and the elevator is broken, that counts as an extra workout right!?) I ordered sushi. I went with my favorite which is the spicy tuna roll and then tried two new rolls, spicy seafood and Tamagoyaki(egg sushi) the egg one was good, not great and the seafood one I wouldn’t order again. It wasn’t bad but it had way too much octopus and crabstick and that isn’t the best part of sushi at all.
I made myself pack for the ski trip I will be on this weekend while I waited for it to arrive, trying to motivate myself to just get some stuff done and not save it all for the last minute. It arrived with a huge salad and I was finally able to just sit on the couch and eat, small rewards! 

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