New Bread Find!

I found some fantastic bread at Whole Foods this weekend that goes great with just about anything. It is so thick, dense and completely full of seeds. Growing up I would have killed for some white bread in our house but we only had wheat, and then when I went off to college everything was white bread as much as I could get. Now I realize that the wheat is not only better for me but also tastes a lot better as well. The rich nutty flavors that the bread from Whole Foods has is amazing and was the perfect start to my morning. I took the picture to show how “seedy” this bread is before I slathered it with peanut butter.

For my snacks today I found some fantastic nectarines at Whole Foods that just reminded me of summer so I got those for the week for my fruit snack.

I also found a new yogurt, I’m normally a HUGE fan of the Yoplait greek yogurt with 100 calories, Flavors Found Here but since I did my weekly shopping at Whole Foods I had to find something else. So I found some yogurt that had the same stats as the Greek 100 to give it a try. The verdict is alright, but I would prefer the Greek 100.

For lunch I had my leftover Thai food from the night before, although fantastic to eat not so fantastic to look at so I didn’t snap a picture of that.

After work I went swimming, to take some impact off my body after a long workout on Sunday but still get a nice full body work out in. At home I made what I like to call my trough of a salad. I make huge salads because I am in love with greens. Also because I’m a volume eater. I have been known to eat a whole 10oz tub of baby greens in one sitting (yikes!) This one was a clean the fridge salad, so it has spinach and then a bunch of different vegetables from the crisper that were going bad as well as some goat cheese and a slice of that awesome bread I had for breakfast. Totally filling and a great way to get all my vegetable servings in on one sitting!!


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