Fresh and Frozen

Fresh pasta just tastes so much better than boxed. I can make fresh pasta and do every year for dinner on Wednesday before the big Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday, but on a week night it just isn’t feasible in my time schedule. As you can tell from the previous post I was at Whole Foods this week and I found some fresh raviolis that I wanted to try for lunch. So I made them the night before and paired them with a half a cup of pasta sauce and a diced tomato.


They were FANTASTIC so cheesy and so filling. I’m glad I found these, they will defiantly go in the lunch rotation. I always have to make my lunches be something I’m really craving or else I will just leave it in the fridge at work and go to the cafe downstairs to get a wrap or whatever their special is.

Dinner was some sweet potato soup that I added some spinach to so it was bulked up a little and had some texture as well as two slices of the seedy bread. I wasn’t in a snacking mood so today was light on the foods. My body must have known that though because I then went into the freezer and got some Girl Scout Cookies. Oh Samoas you will be the death of me.

Does anyone else have to keep their treats in the freezer so they won’t over eat them? 


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