Homemade Brunch

So technically I started blogging yesterday as I was already snapping pictures of what I ate and thinking about what to write.

After a punishing workout at the gym (future post on how much I love my gym) which included a solid 30 minutes of weight lifting and then an hour of cardio I was starving. I was craving “brunchy” items since I was suppose to meet up with two girl friends for brunch but one had come down with a horrible cold so it was canceled. Eggs are always my go-to for breakfast and normally followed by some sort of toast and meat, since meat isn’t an option right now I had to do a little revamping but came up with something I think I might choose over my previous breakfast items.

Multigrain bread with a little herb goat cheese topped with two poached eggs and as a side I simply sliced a vine ripe tomato, sprinkled it with a little salt and added a 1/4 of an avocado on top. For under 500 calories I was very full by the end of this as well as satisfied. I also had a snack while I was cooking of some Maple Sesame nuts I got off this awesome blog, I normally don’t waste calories on nuts but these are well worth it!

I spent the rest of the day cleaning the apartment and then heading on over to a friends house for an Oscar viewing party. No pictures of the food but we splurged and got Thai food, red wine and had some Girl Scout cookies for dessert. I stayed in my calorie range but used up all the extra from my work out on wine and cookies. Well worth it in my opinion!


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