Why start a blog? I know tons of people who have blogs that I have read (some good some, some amazing where I check back daily to see if they have updated, and some forgettable) and it all seems to easy. I mean you are just journaling right? Wrong, the main thought I had running through my mind when starting this was “who the #$%^ cares what you have to say”. The answer was, me. This is purely for me, to make myself accountable and to document the changes I’m making in my life. Going from McDonald’s (oh how I love thee) as a major food group to turning the way I eat and view food in my life. For about 18 of my 30 years I have bounced around in weight and eating patterns, going from only having Diet Coke until Dinner where I would have one full meal (take that slimfast!) to eating full large pizza’s in one sitting. I have tried all sorts of diets, where some have actually worked like Weight Watchers, to some that I am already off by the end of day two. This year I made a resolution to better myself. Not to lose weight, although that is also a goal just not a New Year’s resolution I’m a little more original than that, but to better who I am inside and outside. It involves volunteering, switching the focus from trying to please current flames to spending quality time with my girl friends, giving up all meat products excluding seafood, and focusing on the food I put into my system. After two solid months it’s going well so far, but I need to be more accountable since when I slip up I don’t just slip, I fully throw myself off a cliff. So here goes nothing, in the words of Tim McGraw, “In my next 30 years…”! 

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